Glow Dreaming units, sleeves and oils are covered for any and all manufacturer faults that might occur within the first 12 months from the date the goods are received by the customer.  

If you believe your Glow is experiencing a manufacturer fault, please contact our Customer Care team for assistance in the first instance: customercare@glowdreaming.com  

Our team will need to verify your purchase: we cannot honour the warranty for any items until we verify the purchase in our records. You may be asked to supply proof of purchase to support this effort, particularly if you placed your order via a third party rather than directly on our website.  

This warranty is available to the first user of the product (either the purchaser or the original gift recipient) and is non-transferrable. Second-hand products are not covered by this warranty. 

All warranty claims are subject to proper use and care in accordance with the product manual. This includes a proper cleaning regimen to maintain the device. Warranty will not apply in the event of neglect, intentional or accidental damage, or normal wear and tear. If there is evidence of tampering, willful or accidental damage, misuse, or incorrect product use, your warranty will be voided. 

Tampering, willful or accidental damage, misuse, and incorrect product use can include, but is not limited to, the following:  

  • Dropping or damaging the unit or power cord  
  • Using any power cord other than the one supplied by Glow Dreaming for use with the unit  
  • Opening up the Glow Dreaming unit to expose the internal wiring and mechanics  
  • Overloading the power supply to your Glow  
  • Allowing water to enter the air return and/or power outlet