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Glow Dreaming taking the UK by storm.

"Parents have been raving about the night light online, describing it as a 'life changing' device."

"New Glow Dreaming lamp sends babies to sleep in ten minutes, claims new parents."

"Weary parents in a frenzy over 'life saving' lamp that puts their crying babies to sleep in minutes"

30 Night Sleep Guarantee - Or You Get Your Money Back!

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Scientifically Engineered for Sleep.

Red LED Light Therapy

NASA technology used to stimulate the body’s melatonin production so your body knows it’s time for sleep. This also assists with the development of circadian rhythm helping your child develop a healthy, non-habit-forming relationship with sleep.

Pink Noise

Pink Noise enhances brain activity associated with the deep phases of sleep, improving memory retention and focus as well as cognitive functions.


Our Glow Lullaby Organic Essential Oil has been designed to calm the nervous system and relax muscles, ensuring the transition from awake to sleep during your wind down is as smooth as it should be.


Cool mist technology to help ease breathing, prevent snoring, stop the spread of airborne viruses and maintain a more even room temperature. The humidifier function is directly related to the timer function which allow you to program the device to run for 2 hour, 4 hours or all night to best suit your needs.

Real parents. Real results


"Last night was the first time all year we didn't have a meltdown at midnight...she wasn't distressed or even crying"


"Thank you for blessing our household with this amazing product. Genesis is sleeping in up to 3 hours extra with no wake-ups at night"


"Went out last night for my first proper night out in two years...Evie has turned a corner! Thank you Glow Dreaming"

Why parents use Glow Dreaming

Co-Sleeping Teething Transitions Regressions Spectrum ADHD Separation Anxiety Night Terrors Falling Asleep Staying Asleep Better Quality of Sleep Nap Times
Routine Early Risers Stress Self-Care Room Environment Wind Down Temperament Behaviour Less Wake-up'sLinking Sleep Cycles