Glow Dreamer Approved T&C's


General Terms and Conditions:

  1. Our Glow Dreamer Approved programme runs on Instagram and Facebook. 1 winner each time will be selected from across both platforms.
  2. You will only ever be contacted by @glowdreaminguk and will NEVER be asked to click a link or provide payment information. Please be wary of scam accounts.
  3. A closing date will always be provided within the post itself.
  4. T&Cs apply.
  5. UK only.
  6. This competition is not sponsored, endorsed, administered, or affiliated with Instagram / Facebook in anyway.
  7. To enter, followers must follow the steps outlined within the post caption.
  8. The winner of selected product must be available and prepared to review the product honestly and genuinely and be open to communicating with Glow Dreaming UK
  9. Glow Dreaming UK will contact the winner via social media in the first instance and request an email to communicate thereafter.
  10. Entrants must be prepared to share an email address with the company.


Terms and Conditions of reviewing the winning product:

  1. The winner must use the product as shown in the manual for a duration 1-month.
  2. A representative at Glow Dreaming UK during this time period will get in contact with the winner at 2 weeks and again at 4 weeks with a feedback form via email.
  3. The Feedback Form should be filled in by the winner and sent back to Glow Dreaming via email within 2 working days (48 hours) of it being received.
  4. After the 2nd and final check-in at 4 weeks, feedback given to the company will be used to formalise a ‘Glow Dreamer Approved’ Review.
  5. Glow Dreamer Reviews will be showcased across all Glow Dreaming platforms, such as but not limited to, social media, website, newsletter and blogs.
  6. Glow Dreamer Reviews will showcase the first name only of the winner. Should the entrant not wish for this to be the case they should advise at the earliest opportunity.
  7. Glow Dreaming will request photographs of the product being used in any of th following ways;
    1. In situ within the family home / or nursery
    2. Out and about during travel or outside of the home
  8. It may be that images have your family or child in them and so therefore please ensure you only send Glow Dreaming images that consent to being used. We will assume anything provided to us are fit for purpose and can be showcased as outlined above in point 5.
  9. Glow Dreaming reserve the right to request amends or changes whereby the product image or statement is factually untrue, or a misinterpretation of proper usage has occurred.
  10. Glow Dreaming reserve the right to use and remove final reviews at their own discretion.