Glow Dreaming's Sleep Weather Quiz!!

A little science behind the quiz:

Glow Dreaming has done some extensive research on the Psychological, Behavioural and Physical environments for sleep. With this quiz we are specifically looking at Psychological and Behavioural aspects. There are 9 aspects regarding Temperament traits, that play a large part in the success to get a good night’s sleep. Each trait can either have a high or low aspect to them, and for the best results you want your Temperament Traits to align with your child, this means that your sleep routine/habit structure will give the most comfort to your child.

However, there are situations regarding Temperament traits where you don’t necessarily want to be on the low side. For example;

Adaptability, this means that you will have a hard time changing any aspect of your routine as it will cause you anxiety although changing your routine would give you more sleep.

Persistence you also don’t want to be on the low side either, this trait means, in terms of routine, that you probably won’t continue with a new aspect in your routine and fall back into your old routine, as it felt easier to you.

This Quiz focuses on the these temperament traits.

Thinking back to the quiz you might remember an answer being “…goes with the flow”. This question was to see how your child reacts and adjusts to changes and transitions in their environment.

Regularity is all about the predictability of biological functions such as eating, sleeping etc. Little kids need structure to ensure that they are given the very best opportunity to develop to their full potential.

This quiz was a little bit of fun for you to see what crazy weather style your kid is like. We can offer you advice and support to help with your personal situation.