There is nothing worse for a parent than when their child is suffering.

Sadly, at the early age of 8, my
daughter had to face the pain of
unexpectedly losing someone she
loved. It affected her greatly and,
before we knew it, she had become
gripped by a fear of death. She began
to associate sleep with death and
feared never waking up.
We took her to see psychologists, we
redecorated her room, we even took
her to sleep school, all with minimal

I was desperate to help her, so I
started reading different studies. It’s
somewhere along this process that I
had my light bulb moment. Individually
these things weren’t helping, but what
would happen if I brought them all
together to create a master sleep
aid? By combining light therapy,
aromatherapy, sound therapy and
a humidifier, (continue)

I managed to find the answer we were searching for.

My daughter loved the deep Red
LED Light – it helped her feel relaxed
and at peace. I sourced the best quality
essential oil I could find, blended by
one of the world’s leading naturopath’s
– the beautiful aroma soothed her
mind and body, taking away her fears
and helping her drift off to sleep. The
cool mist from the humidifier made it
easier for her to breathe as well. The
gentle hum of the Pink Noise (Slow
Wave Sleep Sound Therapy), created by
the world’s best sound specialist, helped
her not just get to sleep, but get into a
deeper, more restful sleep.

The effects of these different sleep aids combined, relaxed and calmed my daughter, whisking her off to sleep.

Before long, she was sleeping the night
through and was once again the carefree, happy little girl she used to be.

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