Sweet Dreams in Every Breath: Aromatherapy Solutions for Your Congested Baby's Sleep

Blog Written By: Heidi Skudder one of the UK’s leading early years parent coaches.

At Glow Dreaming and at Positively Parenthood, we are massively aligned on the idea that routines help build structure for our little ones, which in turn helps them to understand sleep is on its way.

The word routine always gets a mixed press, as many still relate it to the days of strict baby books, where you had to be home every day from 12-2pm and if you weren’t, you “failed”. This is simply not the case, and rather a routine refers to a gentle structure and sequence of events that can help your baby understand that sleep is on its way.

This has a positive knock-on impact to sleep, and even research tells us that bedtime routines are an effective way of boosting sleep. This may look something like a sleepy feed, a few stories, some songs and then switching on their pink noise and night light, perhaps even with some aromatherapy thrown in.

The Glow dreaming products are a perfect bedtime routine accompaniment.

Sweet Dreams in Every Breath: Aromatherapy Solutions for Your Congested Baby's Sleep

Of course, there will be times when your baby just cannot physically sleep – we all know well about that period of adjustment (usually baby’s first winter), when they are exposed to multiple coughs and colds. It can feel like sleep deprivation is dragging on forever… When your baby is congested, using aromatherapy such as the Glow Breathe Easy oil, may be a good way of helping your baby to sleep more soundly when they are congested and blocked up. We know that many parents rave about the use of scents in the air to help aid sleep and the Glow Sleep oils can be used not only in babies usual bedroom humidifier, but on the go too in their Glow Travel Sleep Easy.

With my extensive experience and hands on experience working with parents, I know full well how difficult it can be when you have a baby who is not sleeping. Sleep really does impact your ability to function as a parent, as well as your mental health and overall enjoyment of parenting too.

Rest assured that sleep is possible for every baby, and if you are struggling to work out the root cause of your little ones broken sleep and difficult nights, try some of these to see if they help move things in the right direction.

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