Put These Plants In Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

Getting a good night's rest isn't as easy as just counting sheep (anyone with a toddler can attest to that). The reality is, behavioural sleep problems affect countless families across the world. The cause for most of this? Stress and anxiety.

For adults, the stress of maintaining a household, taking care of children, paying the bills and dealing with the every day responsibilities that come along with being a parent can take a serious toll. When it comes to children, bedtime is associated with a lot of anxiety caused by a plethora of reasons. So how do we manage to catch those Z's we so desperately need? With plants of course!

As simple as that sounds, there's plenty of science to back up the idea that filling your house with lush, leafy greens can help reduce stress (plus who doesn't love having a bit of nature in their living room?).

Case studies have shown that our innate affinity for the great outdoors positively impacts our health and wellbeing. Even just seeing the colour green can help focus the mind, and calm hyper-active children--a strategy we use in the LED light function of Glow Dreaming. The benefits of having indoor plants in your home has even been researched and confirmed by NASA, as it supports respiratory function by cleaning the air around you.

Keen to go green? Here are our top picks for the best indoor plants that'll help you sleep. 


The MVP of sleep inducing plants. The scent of lavender has been studied time and time again, with countless research proving its benefits. Expect a slower heart rate, lower blood pressure, less stress and even reduced crying in babies with this plant at your bedside. Lavender has such a powerful effect on calming the mind and body, it’s the main scent used in our Twinkle Star essential oil blend, which supports sleep, relaxation and alleviates nightmares.  


Decreased anxiety, a more restful sleep and even greater mental performance have all been scientifically proven to be the key benefits of breathing in the scent of Jasmine. Plus with its heavenly smell and beautiful blooms, Jasmine is the perfect addition to any home    


One of the main reasons why NASA loves Aloe Vera is that it actually improves air quality. It emits oxygen at night, which is extremely important as the air in your average home is about 4 - 5 times more polluted than the air outside! Airborne chemicals can be a major cause of restless sleep, which is why Aloe Vera is a definite must-have in your home. Not much of a green thumb? This plant is perfect for you, it's low maintenance and is even referred to as the 'plant of immortality' due to its hardiness. 


A super-plant in NASA's report, the Peace Lily will not only filter out household toxins in the air, but it will also boost room humidity by up to 5%. The slight increase in humidity is perfect for suppressing harmful airborne microbes, as well as helping reduce symptoms of dry-air such as stuffy noses, coughing, sneezing and colds. This is especially good in winter, when the air starts to turn dryer. Plus these fantastic flowers require very little sunlight, so a shady spot will do just fine.


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