Keeping your baby's sleep routine when you're out of the house...

We put so much effort into creating the perfect sleep environment and the most robust sleep routine for our little ones, it can be scary to think about leaving the house around sleep times.

If your little one gets their best sleep at home where you can control the light, sounds, smells and everything else, it can seem like it would be impossible for them to get quality sleep anywhere else. 

When you’re setting up a new routine with your little one for the first time, it certainly helps to stay home and keep things super consistent for a little while, but then you need to be able to get out of the house and live your life.  

We’re here to help – use the Glow Travel Sleep Easy to bring your routine with you everywhere! 

The Glow Travel Sleep Easy lets you bring the same robust sleep routine you have at home with the Glow Sleep Easy out and about with you everywhere. Fully portable and rechargeable, the Glow Travel Sleep Easy is so easy to use. 

You can use the same settings you use at home, or you can choose from three different volume and brightness settings. Add a few drops of our essential oils blends into the nebuliser to bring the familiar and comforting smells of your routine at home with you when you leave the house, without any need for water! Use the 2 or 4 hour timer options to turn the whole unit off automatically, or let it run for 12 hours when fully charged. 

The handy Button Lock feature ensures the settings don’t get changed accidentally while you’re on the move.  

Pink noise works miracles when you’re on the move, as it creates a soothing, consistent soundscape similar to what babies hear in the womb. Unlike synthetic white noise, true pink noise is an organic sound that occurs in nature.

Pink noise is more consistent...

with less spikes and troughs in the sound, so it creates the most soothing soundscape for your baby, and allows the brain to fully relax and achieve deeper, slow-wave sleep. When you’re out and about it can be very noisy, making it hard for your baby to get the rest they need to support healthy development (and to keep them in a good mood!). Using pink noise in the car or pram, when visiting friends, at a cafe or on holidays prevents external noise from disturbing your baby’s sleep and causing unnecessary wake ups.  

Our Red LED Light Therapy...

helps encourage your baby’s brain to produce natural melatonin, the hormone that makes us drowsy and prepares us for a great sleep. The brain naturally produces melatonin at sunset, and so using Red LED Light at nap times encourages the brain to start this process at your chosen nap-times each day. The Red LED Light is also a super handy nightlight to use when spending the night in a guest bedroom: it’s super gentle on the eyes so it can offer the comfort of a nightlight without fully waking up your baby like a harsh room light would. 

Incorporating aromatherapy...

into your regular evening routine is such a great way to promote deeper, more relaxing breathing and to signal for your little one that it’s time to prepare for sleep. You can bring this healthy sleep cue with you on the go by using the scent nebuliser in the Glow Travel Sleep Easy. We know you don’t always have spare water with you when you’re out and about, and of course the risk of spillage is high when you’re on the move: so the scent nebuliser in the Glow Travel Sleep Easy doesn’t need any water at all! Just add your essential oils and enjoy the gentle fragrance. 

Designed to be sleek and compact the Glow Travel Sleep Easy fits neatly into the cupholder of your car or pram. Recharge it via USB when the battery runs low – perfect for camping trips or recharging in the car. Feel confident to take your baby out and about with you, knowing they’ll be able to get the deep, relaxing sleep they need with the help of the Glow Travel Sleep Easy. 

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