Green to Rise: Nurturing Healthy Sleep Habits with Glow Dreaming

Green to Rise: Nurturing Healthy Sleep Habits with Glow Dreaming


We know that establishing a consistent sleep routine for your child can be a game-changer. That's why we're excited to introduce our innovative "Green to Rise" feature, designed to make mornings smoother and promote healthy sleep habits from an early age.


The Green to Rise feature is a wonderful tool to begin implementing into your sleep routine from around 12 weeks onward. Though, at this age, your baby is too young to understand the idea of ‘when it’s okay to wake’ or when it’s okay to get up and out of bed’ it is still a wonderful addition to any sleep routine to help fortify and construct a regular, reliable sleep routine as a visual cue that integrated seamlessly with the Sleep Scheduler on the Glow Sleep Genie App.


The Glow Sleep Genie App Sleep Scheduler:

Tailored to meet the unique sleep needs of both you and your child, our personalised sleep schedule, backed by expert recommendations, ensures the best rest for your family. The Glow Genie App's timer activates the green light at the set wake-up time, gently easing your child into wakefulness within approximately 10 minutes.


Promoting Independence and Positive Sleep Habits:


For older children, the green light serves as a clear indicator of when it's time to leave their beds. This not only promotes independence but also reinforces positive sleep habits that can last a lifetime. Starting early with tools like the "Green to Rise" feature sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthy sleep patterns.


Beyond Sleep Regulation:


The benefits of the green light extend beyond sleep regulation. Research suggests that specific wavelengths of green light can enhance concentration and focus, offering distinct advantages for learning and play. This is especially beneficial during the winter months or in environments with limited natural sunlight.


For children with ADHD or ASD, the structured setting provided by visual cues like the green light can minimise sensory overload, creating a focal point that aids in maintaining focus on tasks.


An Individualised Approach:

We understand that each child's response to light can be unique. Therefore, we recommend observing and adjusting the "Green to Rise" feature based on individual needs. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you in creating the perfect sleep environment for your child.


With our "Green to Rise" feature, we are not just promoting healthy sleep patterns; we are fostering a lifestyle that enhances well-being and supports your child's overall development.

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