Enhance Your Child's Sleep with Glow Dreaming Essential Oils

Are sleepless nights with your little one leaving you exhausted and desperate for a solution? Look no further than Glow Dreaming Essential Oils, designed specifically to support your child's sleep and overall well-being.

Let's explore how these oils can transform your bedtime routine into a peaceful and restful experience for both you and your child.

Tailored Support for Every Need

Glow Dreaming Essential Oil range offers a variety of blends to cater to different sleep-related concerns:

  1. Glow Lullaby: Your ticket to restful nights. Infuse a few drops into your Glow Sleep Easy Humidifier or Glow Travel Sleep Easy Scent Nebuliser for a nightly ritual that fosters a calming atmosphere, perfect for soothing your little one into deep sleep.

  2. Glow Breathe Easy: your breath of fresh air during congestion woes. Simply add a few drops to your Glow Sleep Easy Humidifier or Glow Travel Sleep Easy Scent Nebuliser for a comforting atmosphere that supports easier breathing and a more restful sleep for your little one.

  3. Glow Defence: a soothing essential oil blend crafted to support healthy recovery. Enrich your nightly routine by adding a few drops to your Glow Sleep Easy Humidifier or Glow Travel Sleep Easy Scent Nebuliser. Let nature's boosters embrace your little one with gentle serenity during moments of recovery.

French Craftsmanship, Australian Excellence

Crafted to promote restful sleep, Glow Dreaming Essential Oils offer a touch of tranquility whenever needed. Whether diffused in your Glow Sleep Easy humidifier or used with your Glow Travel Scent Nebuliser, our oils enrich your daily routine with calming comfort.

  • Leaders in the Industry: Hailing from the picturesque region of Provence, the Florihana Distillery embodies French expertise in essential oils. Situated on the Caussols plateau, renowned for its biodiversity, our partner ensures the highest quality standards.
  • Safe from Day One: Our oils are designed with safety in mind, suitable for use from the moment your baby arrives. Additionally, our range is safe for expecting and breastfeeding mothers, providing peace of mind during every stage.
  • Committed to Unwavering Quality: At the heart of the Florihana distillery lies a dedication to impeccable quality control. From manufacturing to packing, every step adheres to strict standards, ensuring traceability and purity in every bottle.
  • Directly Sourced, Impeccably Processed: Employing innovative technology like "flash détente," our partner maintains the integrity of each oil's molecular composition during distillation. This ensures that our oils retain the essence and potency of their botanical sources.
  • Pure & Natural Assurance: With meticulous microbiological testing and a facility dedicated to cleanliness, Florihana guarantees the purity of every batch. From disinfecting bottles with organic alcohol to publishing detailed analysis reports, we uphold the highest standards of quality and transparency.



Transform Your Bedtime Routine

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to restorative sleep with Glow Dreaming Essential Oils. Whether you're seeking deep relaxation, congestion relief, or support during illness recovery, these oils offer a natural and effective solution for your child's sleep needs. Make them an essential part of your bedtime routine and watch as peaceful, restful nights become the norm.

Curious about dosage recommendations?

Newborn - 8 weeks 1 - 2 drops
8 weeks – 6 months 1-2 drops
6 months – 2 years 2-4 drops
2 years – 5 years 4-6 drops
6 years – 8 years 6-8 drops
8 years+ up to 10 drops
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