Cry It Out: Why We Don't Advise It

You may be familiar with the Cry It Out Method, or perhaps you are not overly familiar with it but you’ve heard the name floating around.

Let us break it down for you. The Cry it Out method is when during the process of helping your little one learns how to self-settle and sleep on their own, they are left to cry in their cot alone until they fall asleep.


This is something that we do not advise. Not only are there safer ways to help your child learn how to sleep, but there are far more effective ways too. Interested? 


We thought so. Read on… 


There’s so much information for this generation of parents, especially where sleep and sleep training are concerned. So many things labelled as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ as well as ‘positive’ and ‘negative’. This can leave you – the parents – feeling confused and guilty if bub isn’t sleeping all night. 


Sleep is a huge issue for parents, especially women, they feel that it may be a reflection of their parenting.

We want to stress that every family is different. There is no single right way to sleep success.
No two little ones are the same, so how can anyone expect that the same sleep solution will be effective for every single baby and family? 


It can’t. It’s simply unrealistic.

Speaking with Cath Curtin, also known as Midwife Cath, author of The First 6 Weeks and After the First 6 Weeks, she goes on to explain,


 “The truth is, newborn babies are not capable of sleeping all night, they need to feed frequently and consistently gain weight. The baby must be old enough (usually after 6 months) and be a good weight - usually over 8 kgs. The baby needs a consistent routine to for a successful sleep routine.”


This is where the Glow Dreaming comes in.

Glow Dreaming is a scientifically proven sleep aid that combines red LED light therapy, Pink noise, humidifier and aromatherapy (sleepy essential oil) making it the only sleep aid of its kind that is designed by leading experts in their respective fields and helps create a healthy relationship with sleep the non-habit-forming way.

This, along with our ICRA 14-day Sleep Program, will help you create amazing, positive sleep habits that will follow your little one into adulthood.

ICRA is the digital hand that holds yours through the sleep process and is 100% JUDGMENT FREE.

Using 28 scientifically engineered questions, ICRA builds a tailored sleep program that matches you and your child’s personalities. Over 14 days ICRA will check in with you regularly, keeping you on track for sleep success.

At the end of your 14-day ICRA program we give you the peace of mind you deserve by providing an extra 7 days support with one of our sleep specialists. Sleep has never been more accessible.


Cath continues on to say,

“The use of pink noise provides a calm and soothing environment for a baby and Glow Dreaming provides this in a safe and soothing sleep assistant.”

And it’s true. Your child is 100% safe in the hands of Glow Dreaming.

Glow Dreaming and Newborns.

Because your bub is still so little, they will be needing to wake every 3 hours or so for a feed. Through this period of time though, the Glow Dreaming will help the baby sleep longer and deeper between feeds and create an understanding of the difference between sleep and awake time (develop their Circadian Rhythm which is essentially our body sleep clock).


When it comes time to transition - be it decreasing feeds, into a new bed, etc. whatever it may be, you will find this process smooth and easy.

Introducing the Glow Dreaming at any age.

The Glow Dreaming is backed by science. This means that no matter the age you introduce it at, you will see sleep success.

On our website we are a range of different age categories. You will see each page has an outline of issues you may face, it is to further help you understand how the unit can help your situation.

What happens after your little one grows out of the initial age group? Well, they continue to sleep well! The Glow Dreaming will grow with your child. After purchasing a bundle, you will only need to repurchase the essential oil when you run out, that is all.

Glow Dreaming; Bringing Sleep to Those Who Need It Most.


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