5 top tips that will turn teething terrors into blissful sleepers

Teething can be a nightmare, not just for the children but also for us, the parents. We’re trying our best to make sure they’re getting the sleep they need and keeping them happy. We all know the basic signs of teething; rashes around the mouth, being extra fussy, drooling excessively and so on. But sometimes we need a little advice on the best ways to deal with teething once we discover our child is going through it. That is why we have gathered the best remedies we could find and have created our top 5 tips and tricks on how to deal with teething and get them sleeping better.

1. Avoid Negative Association with Bedtime

It can seem like the easiest option to just try and put our children down for a nap when they’re being a bit too restless, however this can have a very negative impact on their sleep. If you begin to put them down every time the pain is making them restless, they will begin to associate bedtime with the pain. This in turn results in them possibly becoming worse when put down to bed and waking up more often in the night. If you wait until the pain subsides or has eased down a bit before putting them down, they can create a positive association with their bed and the relief from pain.

2. Avoiding Dry Air in Bedrooms

Many people use heaters during the colder seasons to keep themselves and their children warm through the night, as sometimes a cosy blanket just isn’t enough. The only issue with this is it can create a dry atmosphere within the bedroom, especially if the door is closed overnight. The heater doesn't just dry out the air but the mouth as well. This drier atmosphere can extenuate the pain of teething. There is a simple solution though, and don’t worry, you don’t need to turn off the heater! Using a humidifier should solve this problem easily as they will disperse the extra moisture into the air combating the dryness created by the heater. Being warm at night is important to sleep, but smooth breathing is just as important.

3. Teething Objects During the Day

We all know that there are hundreds, if not thousands of different teething toys out there. Refrigerated ones are amazing as the cool feeling they generate work to numb the pain on your child’s gums, especially when the teeth are just about ready to come through. However, if you’d prefer a home remedy, a fresh new wet cloth works just as well! You should avoid using these to ease the pain during naps and bedtime though as this can cause them to expect pain during these times, much like the first point in this list.

4. Maintaining Their Immune System

The last thing your child needs while they’re teething is to become sick. While there is no confirmed correlation between teething and illness, many parents tend to notice runny noses or fevers during the teething period. The best thing we as parents can do in this time is keep their immune system healthy and functioning. The best ways to do this are making sure they get their daily intake of vitamin D, continuing to breastfeed if you still are (breastmilk contains antibodies) and by giving them baby probiotics. A healthy baby has a much better chance of sleeping through the night.

5. Associating Glow Dreaming with Bedtime

The Glow Dreaming is designed to help your child get to sleep easier as well as sleep through the night. While we can’t guarantee the Glow will let them sleep through entirely during the teething phase, we certainly can help to keep waking's to a minimum and make getting to sleep an easier process. Turn your Glow Dreaming on when the pain has subsided, follow the recommended settings and your child will be put into a deeper, more restful sleep. Always remember that our Glow Sleep Specialists are available to help if you are still experiencing trouble. 


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