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Glow Dreaming is the 5-in-1 sleep aid that is scientifically engineered for sleep. 100% safe for your child and it actually works!

We have worked with the world’s leading expert in sound design, research engineer Dr. Ir. Stéphane Pigeon from Belgium. He has worked for NATO and was the exclusive sound designer at Rolland Corporation.

Sleep Support

Changing behaviours, especially around sleep, is never easy. Glow Dreaming holds your hand through the process. Our customer care team use the latest scientific findings and personalise your program to make the sleep
process as easy as possible.
You are not alone.

Nasa Sleep Light

NASA uses this specific red LED light therapy to help its astronauts sleep. We bring the same technology into your child's bedroom.

Pink Noise

Studies prove that Pink Noise is the best sound for sleep. So we've worked with the world's best sound engineer to recreate
it for you


Cool mist technology helps ease breathing, prevent snoring, and creates the
ideal sleep environment for
your child.

Medicinal Grade Oil

Organic, medicinal grade essential oil, Designed to relax the muscles and calm the mind ensuring your child falls asleep and stays asleep.

It takes less than 60 seconds to set up. Turn the device on 15 minutes before bed as part of your wind down routine and the Glow Dreaming does the rest.

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Some reviews from our previous skeptics...

Created for Mother and Child

Organic, medicinal grade essential oil Glow Lullaby has been specifically created by Dr. Bo Hendgen, a world leading pediatric naturopaths.

Bo has more than 30 years of experience in aromatic medicine, osteopathy and naturopathy.

Our Glow Lullaby Organic Essential Oil has been designed to calm the nervous system and relax muscles, ensuring the transition from awake to sleep during your wind down is as smooth as it should be.

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The Research That Holds Your Hand

Why pay £50-£150 for a sleep program that comes on a piece of paper, solely based on your child’s age?

Your personalised sleep program from ICRA (Individualised Circadian Rhythm Amelioration) is created for you after a detailed analysis that identifies the personalities of both you and your child. Your custom sleep journey is built on the data and practical experience of the sleep success of over 150,000 children.

Throughout your ICRA sleep program our AI Engine will regularly check in ensuring you stay on track, refining your program in real time so that you achieve sleep success.

The algorithm behind ICRA has been created using over 67 peer reviewed, scientific research papers and a large data pool of thousands of parents just like you. This is a world first, and something we are extremely proud of.

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